Not bad for a fat girl


It Will All Work Out in the End

This is what I tell myself when I face disappointments.

I’m not sure I that I one hundred percent believe it, though. It just seems so trite. I mean, I do believe it, in a big picture kind of way, but in the short term it really doesn’t help.

Today my kid got some disappointing news. It’s not the end of the world, and nobody is hurt or anything, but it sucks.

Yes, I believe it will all work out in the end, but what if the way it works out isn’t as good? Too bad, I guess. We don’t have control over every aspect of our existence. We have to play the hand we’re dealt. And realistically, his hand is still pretty darn good, in spite of this situation.

I hope my son is able to see it that way too. I really do have faith that however things turn out, he will be just fine.


Dancing Through Life’s Changes

If you’ve been reading this blog for more than ten minutes, you know that its main focus is change. Change in the form of getting healthy, change in the form of challenges, and change in the form of personal development. Change is good. It can be scary, or even paralyzing at times, but it’s inevitable, so you might as well embrace it. At least that’s my theory.

46Not long ago, I was lamenting some little roadblock or other and my wise friend chimed in with her own thoughts. She said she often feels like her progress to get healthier is two steps forward, then one step back. Instead of complaining about this state of affairs, she pointed out that overall she was going in the right direction. Brilliant.

Life isn’t a walk along a straight path with a steady pace and no obstacles. How dull that would be. It’s more of a series of intricate moves, in fact it most closely resembles a dance. Dancers respond to music, just as we respond to the circumstances in our lives. Sometimes we move fluidly, and other times we’re out of step. There are times when we’re in synch with our partner and times when we can’t quite coordinate, and then, there are many times when we’re alone. There are also times when we’re on the sidelines, taken out by an injury or other trauma. Most of us get up and get back in the dance, though.

This dance of life is constantly changing. In one chapter it may be a ballet, smooth and elegant, another may be your own personal disco era. Any  of those chapters may suit you perfectly, or you may find yourself lost and desperately waiting for new music to begin. For each of us the soundtrack is unique, and our attitudes and abilities determine how we respond to that music. Are you a tap dancing dervish or a fox trotting diva? And overall, are you moving through your life with grace and elegance, or are you bandaging blistered toes?