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That Pesky Whisker

I first noticed it a few years back. It was totally random. For some reason my finger grazed across that exact spot under my chin, and there it was. A whisker.

fun tweezers from MAC, totally unlike mine

fun tweezers from MAC, totally unlike mine

I’m not talking about a hair, although technically a whisker is a type of hair. I’m talking about the bristly, pokey, fill-in-a-man’s-face with them kind of whisker. At least it wasn’t black.

This whisker concerned me. Why did I have a whisker? What else didn’t I know? Were there others I was unaware of?

I rarely wear cosmetics, and I’m a pretty no-fuss kind of girl, so I really don’t check myself out very carefully. What else was going on that I didn’t know about?

A close inspection followed, and I was satisfied that the whisker was a renegade. Why this lone wolf chose to set up shop on my chin I may never know, but now that I was aware of it, I was determined to take it down. Continue reading

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