Not bad for a fat girl


Throwback Thursday – Exercise

You, my loyal readers, know that health, exercise, and wellness are lofty goals of mine. However, I’m a rather sedentary creature at heart. I have, however, had some success with some types of exercise. Here are a few of my hits and misses through the years.

1.  Swimming- I have been a water person as long as I can remember. Swimming lessons at the pool club paid off. I even used to life guard. I still enjoy swimming as my favorite form of exercise.

2. Water Aerobics – Back in the life guard days I used to teach this class to seniors. I loved their energy, and I loved doing the class. Again, this is exercise I still find enjoyable.

3. Walking – Whether its in a park, around the block, or on the treadmill, I can usually handle a walk.

4. Bellydancing – Ok, I pretty much suck at this, but I really enjoy it. Shout out to the Goddess for introducing me to this one.

5. Stairmaster – Even the name sounds awful. I felt enslaved by this piece of equipment, but dammit I climbed!

6. Volleyball – Way way way back I enjoyed this sport enough to join a league or two. Nothing serious, but for me a milestone!

7. In Line Skates – Mine were from a discount store. My commitment wasn’t that deep. My balance wasn’t that good. Easy come, easy go.

8. Aerobic Dance – Yes, I did the grapevine to a pulsating Eurythmics beat in full regalia. I had the pink and grey chevron striped leotard, the Reebok high tops, and of course leg warmers. I also had two left feet.

9. Bike Riding – This was my main form of transportation as a kid and teen, and I logged a lot of miles. Over the years I’ve ridden now and then, but frankly it hurts my hands and bottom to ride, which makes me very sad.

10. Hula – This is my newest form of movement. I hesitate to call it exercise the way I’ve been moving, but when I find the right DVD I know it will be a workout!


Common Cold Delirium

greenish_sick_rat_in_bedI have a cold. It will more than likely turn into a sinus infection, which will then either morph into bronchitis or else end with laryngitis. This is a prediction based on past history, not the rantings of a hypochondriac lunatic, even thought that’s what it sounds like to me. Said cold is annoying, especially the fight with the accompanying stress incontinence (every sneeze is a challenge) and the internal struggle to ward off yet another monster cold sore. And I do mean monster. These things look as though they’re going to devour my face, and they take FOREVER to heal. Thank you, former husband, for sharing that particular little viral gem with me. UGH.

I didn’t share this little factoid in order to gain sympathy (although deliveries of homemade chicken soup are welcome). No, I shared it in order to let you in on a weird little secret, and to ask if I’m alone in this. You see, every time I get sick, I have these deranged delusions of grandeur about what fabulous workouts I WOULD be doing, if only I weren’t sick. If only… I would be walking three miles around the neighborhood before work. If only… I would be doing my belly dancing DVD (it’s quite challenging for me, by the way!).  If only… I would be jumping rope and sparring. Really? Nah. But my mind thinks so. Why? Do I need to have my mental health checked out as well? Sniff. Now for my final “if only” thought for the day… If only I could go back to bed.