Not bad for a fat girl


Bra Update

So a word to the wise, when you buy a bra spend a little time getting to know it. Walk around in it. Pick things up in it. Sit down in it. See how you like it.

Maybe, just maybe, it feels pretty good for the first thirty or so minutes, but after that, not so good. Maybe, just maybe, you should keep the tags ON your new purchase and plan to spend a weekend morning in said device before fully committing.

I’m just saying, three minutes in the fitting room is probably not enough time to make a decision that can affect your well being as much as wearing a bra that hurts. There, I said it, it hurts!

Why? Because I sat down. Yes, my crime was sitting. I’m fat, dammit, and when fat people sit stuff gets all squished around and in my case that means that the underwire got forced into my ribs. Ow, ow, ow.

So yes, the bra makes the boobs look pretty darn good for 50, but it’s going to hang out in my closet most of the time. Special occasions, though, look out. Who needs all those ribs, anyway?

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So THAT’s How My Bra Should Fit

I’m a believer in comfort. It’s difficult enough moving through life in this oversized body, putting uncomfortable clothing on it would be asking too much.

As a result of my commitment to comfort I swore off underwire bras many years ago. Why? Well, they hurt. Who needs that in her life? Not this gal. As a result I found a line of bras at Lane Bryant that has no underwire and actually comes in my size. Hooray! I bought them. Lots of them. Tan, pale pink, hot pink with polka dots, grey, black, and cobalt blue. Multiples of some of them, even. I was happy.

Then, I decided I needed some new underwear. It happens. The elastic stretches out, the seams fray, they’ve run their course. Off to Lane Bryant I went, because no matter what other underwear I try, the hipsters from Lane Bryant are my go-to undies. Oh, and they have to be cotton, please and thank you.

Well, as I was collecting various pairs of undies, the bras caught my eye. It had been a while since I bought one, and it was probably about time. The clerk noticed me checking them out and asked me my size. I hemmed and hawed a bit, because I really couldn’t remember. That’s when she asked me about doing a fitting. Uh, okay.


You will not be surprised to know that these are not images of me.

She did her magic (not really, just a couple of quick measurements) and suggested a size and a couple of styles. Off I went to try them on, and immediately I was amazed that everything seemed to sit at a new, higher elevation. Still, it didn’t feel quite right, so I took the opportunity to ask the clerk (a different one) who was helping the lady next to me with her bra, for some additional help.

She determined that the size was right, but the style was wrong. She brought me something else, and voilà! I was amazed. I looked good! And it even had underwires. So apparently they only hurt if your bra doesn’t fit correctly. Who knew?

I’m now the proud owner of new underwear and bras, what an exciting time in my life! Thank you Lane Bryant for making things that fit me, and thank you to the ladies in the store for helping me find the right fit.



Love Those Boots

Love the style

Love the style

I’m super excited to post about something totally frivolous and silly. Boots. In my former life as a person who lived in the Great Lakes region, there was nothing silly about boots. Boots were a necessity, and, like most people there I had good ones.

Over the years, I had L.L. Bean boots and Timberland boots and various other boots to keep my tootsies dry and toasty warm. That is not an easy task when you’re plunging your feet into snowbanks and slogging across slushy parking lots. Those boots had to WORK.

Now, however, I have no such issues. I don’t need boots. I live in the desert Southwest. Oh, sure, hiking boots (you know, for those challenging hikes I’m always taking), but real boots? Nope. But what about fashion?

Fashion? Boots? Fat woman? I’ve heard that it’s possible, but I wasn’t convinced. That is, until last year when I happened across a really cute pair of ankle boots at Lane Bryant. They were hip. They were fun. They were comfortable. They were reasonably priced. They’re currently in my closet.

I really like those boots. I wear them and enjoy them. I even feel pretty stylish in them. Who would have thought?

Then today, something really odd happened. I went shopping. For clothes. Bras, to be exact, if you must know. Why is that odd? Because I seriously dislike clothes shopping, thank you very much. I was alone, though, and had some time between appointments, and found myself near a Lane Bryant store, so I stopped in.

As I felt myself being pulled to the legging display, Alma, the sales associate, welcomed me and informed me that the entire store was on sale for 40% off. Really? 40%? That’s pretty good, I thought, as I grabbed  a pair of leggings to try on. I continued to wander the store, and spied a great looking pair of boots. Real boots, not ankle boots.

They would look great with the leggings, I thought. They would be perfect with a skirt, I thought. They would be useful on my upcoming winter vacation, I thought. They’re 40% off, I thought. They’re currently in my closet, getting to know the ankle boots.

I love these boots. I love that they’re stylish, that they didn’t cost a fortune, and that they’re comfortable. The thing I love most, though, is that they’re made for women like me. They have an elasticized panel in the back so they can be easily worn by women who have a little (or a lot of) extra calf to cover. They are the first boots I have worn successfully in years.

The last time I went looking for a pair of real boots I ended up buying a pair that was too big and slouching them down since they wouldn’t go over my calves. I was desperate since I was heading to snow country, and time and budget limitations forced me to settle for those awful boots. I donated them as soon as I returned from that trip. Not this time. This time I have a beautiful, stylish pair that I can enjoy. Thank you Lane Bryant, you made my day.