Not bad for a fat girl


Still Loving Leggings

I’ve been a big fan of leggings for a long time. Leggings for everyone, I say! But I do have some do’s and don’ts. Not that I’m the fashion queen, or anything, but I find when I follow those rules I feel more comfortable, and I don’t think I creep anyone out.

I’ve been wearing leggings for years, but always with a long shirt, or possibly even with a skirt or dress (sometimes I get a little crazy, I know). Most of the civilized world seems to agree that covering the girlie bits is a good idea when wearing these out as fashion (as opposed to gym attire, where apparently anything goes… I wouldn’t know, I haven’t set foot in a gym in decades, aside from an elementary school gym and that’s totally different).

Back to the point… leggings.

So, uh, yeah… I just bought myself my first pair of the seemingly ever-present Lularoe variety. I don’t know about your neck of the woods, but around here they’re crazy popular. I tried on a pair a while back, and nope, they didn’t fit. But then, the other day, a whole Lularoe store appeared in the teacher’s lounge, and what did they have? Extended sizes! Not only that, but there were several pairs from which to choose, and they were all really fun patterns. Oh. My. Gawd.

So yes, I did it. I took the plunge and bought myself a pair of rockin’ reindeer leggings, complete with festive pine trees. They’re so soft! So comfy! So cute! And I even wore them to school with a long black sweater and black boots. I got so many compliments that day, and I felt like I was in my pajamas!

Anyway, don’t be afraid of those leggings. Wear what you like. But please, do take a look in the mirror before you walk out the door. Be sure you like how you look, because if you don’t, you’ll feel self-conscious all day, and there’s nothing comfortable about that.



Loving Leggings Part Two

One of the most read BulgingButtons posts of all time is the one entitled “Loving Leggings,” and why not? Lots of women love them, and guess what? A bunch of us are fat! So yes, I love leggings, and I know that a lot of you do too, or at least you want to. I give you permission to go for it!

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, though, I offer these tips:

1. Make sure your leggings fit properly. Too tight and they may try to roll down, too loose and you’ll look wrinkly and weird. Either way you won’t look right and you’ll be uncomfortable.

2. Don’t wear leggings if you have giant legs. I’m fat, but I carry the majority of my weight around my belly. My legs, while not tiny, are shapely and not particularly jiggly.

3. Wear a long top. Yes, cover your entire butt. Even if you have a cute butt. Leave it to your jeans to show it off, not your leggings. They are meant to let your legs pop out from under your top, not expose every curve you have. Girly bits are not meant to be paraded around in public. If your top isn’t up to the challenge, go put on some real pants. Nobody wants to see that much of you, even if you aren’t fat.

4. As an alternative to wearing a long top, wear a short skirt. This will still cover up the butt and girly bits, and make the leggings look cute.

This chilly weather is for the birds, but at least we can look cute and stay comfortable in our leggings.

P.S. And on the topic of printed leggings? YES! But I would probably stay away from the shiny ones. Just saying.


It’s Official – I Look Awful in Everything

i-have-nothing-to-wear-1-960x400Getting dressed this morning wasn’t fun. First of all there’s the issue of the weather changing. It’s chilly in the morning, and today I’ll be spending half an hour on the playground supervising the little cherubs, so I don’t want to start my day cold. Later on, though, it heats up. I don’t want to spend my afternoon melting either.

The obvious solution? Layers, of course. Except when you reach a certain size there are only so many layers you’re willing to encase yourself in. Still, I headed to my closet with the idea that I would be dressing in layers today. First I needed a base. Skirt? No, not for a playground duty morning. Pants it is. Hmmm, the dress pants are all too tight, the capris are all in the wash, and the season has passed for the brightly colored summer pants.

That leaves jeans and leggings. Jeans are usually a Friday thing, but these are nice jeans, in a dark wash with no extra stitching and a flat front. I could wear them on a Monday. On they go, along with a long coral top. I look in the mirror and am horrified. I look awful. It’s the jeans. I look like a sausage about to explode out of its denim casing. I can’t do it.

Off go the jeans, and on go the leggings. The ones I’ve been wearing off and on all weekend. Yesterday I went to the theater in them with a big white button-down shirt over the top and ballet flats. I also went to brunch in them with a big, bright orange long sleeved t-shirt and ankle boots. I love them. They’re comfortable.

As far as looks? Well, let’s put it this way, my shirt is really long. It has to be. Nobody wants to see what’s under it, or if they do, they would regret it if they actually got their wish. It’s not pretty.

I feel like I have slipped over the line into the territory where nothing looks good, but really that’s not true. I looked cute at brunch. I looked good at the theater too. Maybe instead of giving up on fashion, I should just do my laundry.