Not bad for a fat girl


So Relieved It’s Not Just Me

untitledI always think that I’m the only one who does things that are less than smooth, although I know that isn’t the case. Still, when someone I admire messes up, it kind of makes me do a little happy dance. Not big mess ups, mind you, I’m not like that. It’s just the little flubs that happen to everyone from time to time that put a smile on my face.

Hopefully it’s not because I’m a real jerk, although it might be. I don’t think so, though. I think it’s because those little goof ups remind me that I’m not alone in my imperfection. Naturally I knew this, but somehow these little reminders from time to time help me keep my own mess ups in perspective.

You see, I don’t think anything less of my friends and colleagues when they have little lapses in common sense, but I do tend to get down on myself. I mentally scold myself for being clumsy, or forgetful, or hasty, or what have you. Would I do that to my friends? Never! Instead,  I try to help them laugh off the moment. Or I drink wine with them.


Well, yes. Sometimes when you mess up the best thing to do is to have a glass of wine. It was tonight.

Let me explain. Tonight I went to a friend’s for dinner. There were five of us in all, and when I arrived the other four were standing on the driveway. “What a warm reception,” I thought to myself. I was wrong.

Sure, I was welcomed warmly, but the group was outside because the hostess managed to lock herself out as she was sweeping the porch in preparation for our arrival. Oops. Naturally her phone was inside and her husband was out of town. So was her neighbor with the spare key.  Uh oh.

The locksmith was stuck in traffic, it was a beautiful evening, and a kind neighbor (who earlier tried to pick the lock… what?) brought over a corkscrew and some plastic cups.  Off to the back patio we went, bottles of wine in hand (who goes to a friend’s for dinner without wine?). It ended up being a lovely cocktail hour and after we got inside, a lovely dinner.

My friend handled the situation with grace, and a laugh. What else can you do? Beat yourself up over a simple mistake? But that’s what we do to ourselves. We could all relax a little,  sit back with our glass of wine and take a deep breath as remember that after all, we’re only human.