Not bad for a fat girl


Daily Passion Prompt 28: Off to the Fat Farm!

Today’s Prompt:

If you could drop everything and go somewhere, do something, and get something right now, what would those three things be?

pacific-ocean-sunset-llewellyn-chinCongratulations! You have won an all inclusive trip of a lifetime guaranteed to improve your health and well being. We have arranged for you to take a leave from work and from your home life and what’s more, there will be no negative repercussions as a result of your temporary absence. In fact, your family, students, and colleagues are all extremely excited about the opportunity you’ve been given, and are 100% supportive. Lucky you!

You will be whisked away to our state of the art facility, near the Pacific Ocean, where our team of doctors, trainers, nutritionists, and life coaches will work with you to finally shed those extra pounds in a safe, supportive, and fun way. We’ll explore the reasons you overeat and teach you new ways of thinking. We’ll help you find the snacks and meals that satisfy you without causing harm to your body. We’ll help you tap into your strengths, and work on overcoming issues that are holding you back from success. We’ll teach you the correct ways to work your body, and help you find physical activities that you find fun and can commit to.

All of this will be medically supervised, so no need to worry about training injuries or any other health related issues. The medications you are currently taking will be monitored, and, as your become healthier, dosages will be adjusted accordingly.

Pulo_SpaDetails_236Naturally your spiritual needs will be met as well, in our Zen like complex, just steps from the beach. You will have time to relax and renew your spirit, explore your surroundings either alone or with like minded new friends, and connect with nature. You will be encouraged to write about your experiences, and will participate in a top notch writing group as part of your ongoing personal growth experience.

Pack your bag, it’s time to put your regular life on hold and explore all that the new you has to offer!