Not bad for a fat girl


Feeling Famous in South America

Disclaimer: I am NOT famous in South America or anywhere else.

ci_southamericamapIn spite of the disclaimer above, I’m feeling pretty much like a blogging superstar, South American style. Why? Because the little map that shows me where my blog visitors hail from has most of South America colored in today. What does that mean? Not a whole lot.

What it means is that at least one person in Brazil and at least one person in Argentina happened to click on BulgingButtons on the very same day. Since Brazil and Argentina are the two largest countries in South America, it looks like I’m pretty popular across the continent.

Add that to the inflated ego I get when at least one person in Canada clicks on the blog. After all, the U.S. is pretty much a given, so throw Canada into the mix and North America is well represented. And if Russia shows up? Wow. Just, wow.

It’s all complete nonsense, but part of the fun of blogging is reaching out to a worldwide audience. I don’t know if there are actual people in South America reading, or if they’re bots, but I like to think that they’re people like me who enjoy an entertaining blog now and then.

I don’t write to grow a large audience, or to get tons of international hits. I write because there are words and ideas inside of me that need somewhere to go. Still, if you show me a world map with lots of countries colored in, I’m going to get excited. After all, I’m a superstar.


Dusting Off the Welcome Mat

Last night before I went to bed I clicked on my blog stats. My fingers were crossed, but I told myself it was a very good day regardless. I held my breath, and checked the number of visits. Would my old record be broken? And who was I, obsessing about these numbers? What does this say about my personality? I’ve blogged about addictive personality before, but I’m still not certain how I feel about it, or whether my little mini-obsessions count.  Anyway, there is was. The number of visits for the day. I was 5 clicks shy of my one day record. Dammit. And still 49 followers. Ok, calm down. It was a great day in the blog world. I had visitors from Hungary, Israel, Australia, Guernsey (which I knew is a cow, but didn’t know was a country), Canada, Great Britain, Switzerland, France, and the United States. C’mon, how cool is that? In my quest to color in my world map, I’m definitely making some progress.  C’mon Greenland and South America, click on over.6a00d8350186ed53ef016769314b68970b-800wi

I sometimes worry that this blog might be feeling a little schizophrenic. Yes, its main focus is about living life as a fat woman and how I’m seeking to improve the quality of that life.  But in order to do that, and in order to freely write about what’s important to me, I will often go off that topic. After all, I’m more than just a fat person. I’m a parent and an educator and a quilter, to name a few of my roles. These are topics I also write about, with a strong dash of opinions on many things random.  I will post my quilting endeavors, and I will write to daily prompts. Many of you have found me through those venues. I’m glad you have.  I hope you can tolerate the many types of posts that I share.

Back to the main topic though, this morning I decided I was being rather silly about the whole thing. Yes, it’s an absolute thrill to know that people the world over are taking a moment to click through my site, and maybe they’re staying long enough to read my thoughts. What’s more exciting to me, though, is knowing that there are kindred spirits out there. You are the ones who leave a message of encouragement, or stop by the Facebook page, or leave a pingback (which I’m still trying to figure out).  You are the ones nodding your head while you read, or laughing at something ridiculous I’ve written, or yelling at the screen because you are absolutely certain that I am dead wrong about something. Good. I’m glad you do. I’m glad you’re here and spending a few minutes of your precious time with me. Many of you are brand new readers, and several of you have become old friends, if you can have old friends after just two short months.  For all of you, I’m dusting off my welcome mat, and reminding you that no matter who you are or where  you’re from, you are welcome to stop by whenever you would like. And just for the record, feel free to bring a friend.