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That Time I Bought a Purple Couch Off the Internet

Portfolio-Kilby-Plum-Velvet-SoFast-Sofa-2baa0deb-7a1f-45d1-856f-ffdba1b1a0de_600.jpgSo you may recall that yesterday was Black Friday in the USA, a day for dark forces to manipulate the population into behaving badly in the name of saving a buck or two. Or maybe it’s just a day with a bunch of really good sales to entice people to spend generously for Christmas. Either way, it’s all about the shopping.

Black Friday has always been something of a mystery to me, but I put it down to being Jewish and not having that NEED to go all out for Christmas gifts for my loved ones. Sure I’ve exchanged gifts, and yes, I have a kid who celebrates Christmas, but the whole Black Friday thing was something I just wasn’t interested in, especially after viewing video of people about ready to kill for Cabbage Patch Kids. They’re dolls, people. Ugly, ugly dolls.

I did go Black Friday shopping once, for a set of bedroom furniture for my son at Ikea. Nobody was there. It was AWESOME! Ikea is usually so busy, but on Black Friday all the shoppers were elsewhere. We strolled in like we owned the place, got all the furniture (which we had picked out previously), and strolled out. It was painless, we saved a lot of money, and we even ended up on the local news (yes, I’m famous).

Well, it seems like Black Friday is my day for furniture, because yesterday I purchased a couch. It is pictured above. Yes, it’s purple. I kind of love the color. Hopefully it looks pretty close to that in real life.

I’ve never bought furniture from the internet, but the reviews were good, the price was great, and it’ll be here before a local furniture store could get it here (or at least that’s what they say).

Hopefully it works out, after all, things are not always what they seem. I hope this couch is half as cool as it looks in the picture, and not too difficult to put together. Yes, we have to put it together. But the savings! The convenience! The purple! Cross your fingers for me. Black Friday might just be my lucky day.


Feeling Famous in South America

Disclaimer: I am NOT famous in South America or anywhere else.

ci_southamericamapIn spite of the disclaimer above, I’m feeling pretty much like a blogging superstar, South American style. Why? Because the little map that shows me where my blog visitors hail from has most of South America colored in today. What does that mean? Not a whole lot.

What it means is that at least one person in Brazil and at least one person in Argentina happened to click on BulgingButtons on the very same day. Since Brazil and Argentina are the two largest countries in South America, it looks like I’m pretty popular across the continent.

Add that to the inflated ego I get when at least one person in Canada clicks on the blog. After all, the U.S. is pretty much a given, so throw Canada into the mix and North America is well represented. And if Russia shows up? Wow. Just, wow.

It’s all complete nonsense, but part of the fun of blogging is reaching out to a worldwide audience. I don’t know if there are actual people in South America reading, or if they’re bots, but I like to think that they’re people like me who enjoy an entertaining blog now and then.

I don’t write to grow a large audience, or to get tons of international hits. I write because there are words and ideas inside of me that need somewhere to go. Still, if you show me a world map with lots of countries colored in, I’m going to get excited. After all, I’m a superstar.