Not bad for a fat girl


Still in the Hospital

This surgery thing is no joke. Recovery is brutal. At least it is for my sweetheart. It’s amazing how many things have to be in alignment for the human body to function properly. The hospital staff is testament to all those moving parts.

There are the doctors, of course, who diagnose and perform surgery and order medications and monitor recovery, but they’re just a part of the much bigger community that makes up the team of people providing care and services at the hospital.

The nurses are the ones on the front lines. They’re with the patients the most, taking care of everything from pillow position to administering medication to providing support for hallway walks. They take vitals, assist with bathrooming, clean wounds, and keep patients spirits up. They are amazing.

Then there are the nurse’s aides, the phlebotomists, the physical therapists, the nutritionists, the patient transport specialists, the patient care coordinators, the cleaners, the volunteers, and all the other people whom I’m forgetting but who also do a great job. The hospital never closes. It never slows down. It ticks on like a clock, constantly there working for the people who need its care. I’m so grateful to all the people who make it happen.

My guy is still in the hospital. His body has taken a beating, but with this incredible team of people on his side he’s getting stronger day by day. As much as I appreciate and admire the people at the hospital, I hope that soon we can say goodbye to them for good.


Throwback Thursday – A Visit to the Doctor

I feel crummy. I’m going to the doctor later today. I tried to nap, but I couldn’t fall asleep. So here I am, thinking back on all those childhood doctor’s visits. I got sick a lot as a kid. Here are some of my memories of doctor’s visits (sorry if some are a repeat, my brain is a little fuzzy right now).

1. Highlights Magazine. I couldn’t believe how naughty that Goofus character was and how good Gallant was. My favorite part of the magazine was the hidden pictures page.

2. A lollipop at the end of the visit. My current doctor’s office still has them, although theirs are sugar free.

3. The time my pediatrician told me there was a bunny rabbit inside my ear and that’s why it hurt so much. I didn’t believe him, but it made the ear infection easier to bear.

4. The absolute terror I felt when I knew I was going to get a shot. My son handled that particular childhood trauma so much better than I did, but at 15 he still dreads them.

5. The nurse in her starched uniform complete with the little white cap. I have no problem with nurses in scrubs, doctors too, but something about that nurse’s uniform inspired confidence.